About Us

In today’s economic condition, it’s critical to DO MORE WITH LESS. You need to wring every drop of value from existing investments & scrutinize every new investment. Additionally. along with work force reductions, there’s a greater demand for technology tools that can help employees to work smarter & respond to customers faster so that you can stay competitive. BoostsOn is an organization solution provider that helps business communities around the world to optimize business performance through the power of SIMPLICITY.

Our Core Values

Our core values that we believe can make business simple is to by simply create more innnovative marketplace for the business comumunity in South East Asia are save cost, save time, more option and less but not least are better result. Save Cost - The Ultimate Key is “Value for MONEY”. Why pay more if you can get more values with lower price? With BoostsOn, our clients can save up to 50% on their human development investments. Save Time - Time is money and speed is the KEY to success. By assisting organization through professional assistance, prompt and fast services with our proven system, we can help the organizations to save at least 30% of the human development processes. More Options - We believe that choices are essential. We offer you the flexibility to customize according to your organization needs and requirements. Better Results - Results are everything an organization wants. We offer you a constructive & comprehensive system solution to develop a more productive human capital for your organization.

Our Team

We are, at times, a strange brew. But this is what works for us — and inevitably, it works for our clients. Herein lies our value. We are able to look at problems from many different perspectives and apply this diverse point of view to solutions for our clients.

Our Trainers Profile

Tan Lay Yen
Certified product training expert in various Microsoft hardware and software. And experienced chief training planner for Microsoft retail products in Malaysia. Experienced retail sales specialist, with in-depth knowledge of the Read More.
Nuraini Binti Masrul
Nuraini is a highly motivated and confident person. She is hardworking and dedicated making sure the knowledge she possess to be pass on wisely. Nuraini has assisted many participants to Read More.

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BoostsOn Dot Com
9-10 & 9-11 The Boulevard Office,
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: +603 2287 1829
Fax: +603 2287 2819
Email: info@boostsOn.com

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